Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Elizabeth's Princess Book

Today we started a lesson from Writing in Narrative book A on how to write stories. It teaches a 4 step method: 1)the setting, 2)the problem 3) solving the problem and 4) the conclusion and what the characters learned.

Elizabeth just jumped right in and had a great time doing this. She didn't even need the book to help her at all! She must have a good sense of stories from being read to so much. Here is a preivew of her first story in the book she wants to write:


Auntie Melissa said...

That is such a cute story!!! Give my congrats to the author!

aunt val said...

I love the picture with the Princess crying and looking down at her packed suitcases. How clever to choose that to illustrate her story. And the people in the background are smaller in perspective to the princess. Very, very clever and artistic!!
I also like the detailing on the prince's outfit when he gets married.