Monday, March 06, 2006

more reading

This morning we've been doing reading and writing. E is getting much better at reading... it is so neat to watch her improve. Today we practiced words that start with 'sw', 'squ', and 'tw'. She also was learning to listen to stories and pick out what happened first, second and last. (I was surprised how good she was at that!).

Right now she's doing a workpage that told her to read the sentence and then draw a picture of what the sentence says (the cat is on the mat). This is also testing her story comprehension skills. Of course, she's turning it into a great big story about a girl who is walking into the room looking for her cat who is sleeping on the mat.... so cute.. and the other one (the hat is on Jan), has Jan gardening, with her brother coming out of the house to see what she's doing LOL.

This weekend we had a learning adventure to the hospital to visit their grandpa who had back surgery. We got to see lots of nurses and doctors and beds and sick people.. and we got to ride in the big elevator two times! E brought along a gift for her grandpa: a giraffe she made out of modelling clay.

She also made an elephant for her auntie anna's birthday.

The big excitment around here is the countdown to when mommy and daddy leave for the homeschool conference and the kids get to sleep over at gradma and grandpas house for one night and their auntie melissa's house for two nights!

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