Tuesday, March 07, 2006

more artwork

This morning before her class we read another pond story. This time it was about water spiders.. we didn't have lots of tim for math or reading because E had her art class again. they had fun making puppets with various materials. She chose to make a bird and had lots of fun using feathers, styrofoam, material, buttons etc...

She also got to take home her t-shirt that she made last week. She is so proud of it :-) I love the colors.

After art class we went for a visit with grandpa ed who is resting up at home after his surgery. The kids had lots of fun playing with their grandparents, and got a special treat of being able to look at grandpa's incision complete with his staples to keep it closed :-)

Yesterday we went to the park in the afternoon and had fun swinging. Z is old enough to go on the big swing now, and E was pushing H in the little swing. My, how they are growing up!


aunt val said...

The tee shirt is amazing. I absolutely love it. What good use of color, and how original.

I like the photo of the kids outside. E is taking such good care of H. How sweet.

Rebecca said...

What a lovely blog you have. I love the shirt that your daughter made!