Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

Today we started the very first day of the season of Lent, and like countless generations of Catholic before us we went to church to receive the 'ashes' to be reminded that we come from dust and we will return to dust... and to help us feel sorrow for our sins. The kids enjoyed the ashes part and kept checking all day if theirs were still on their head (the priest rubs them on your forehead in the shape of a small cross).

It is also customary during Lent to fast from or 'give up' something for the entire 40 days. I am trying to give up most of my computer time each day, and Elizabeth decided she wanted to give up watching movies (wow!)... so yesterday, being Mardis Gras and all, we partied by watching a movie before bedtime, playing on the computer, and having the customary pancake supper (yummy!).

For our lent we have also decided to read a story each evening after dinner about Jesus and his life on earth. I chose the book 'A Life of our Lord for Children' from Sophia Press. The kids love listening to stories and they are excited about this new tradition. Oh! btw, we got a new bench for our table on the weekend. I guess we'll be needing more chairs around our table now that H is growing out of her high chair soon and me expecting number four in the fall. The kids love having the bench to sit on together. We could fit 4 kids on one of those :-) We just need to get another bench and we'll be set for another few years or so. LOL.


Melissa said...

That's a good thing about your benches, there will be enough room for Jack and I when we move in with you in October (while our house is being built) LOL x 100!!

aunt val said...

and don't forget Sara and I are coming for 2 months this summer to stay with you, and oh, I'm pregnant.

I had pancakes on Mardis Gras, too. We dressed in masks and went out to a party at a restaurant with fabulous food and music. (This is true in contrast to the above.)

Melanie, the pic of E and Z is just sooooo cute! You are so good at capturing the moments.