Friday, March 24, 2006


No pictures today because I can't find the camera... Guess it's time to clean up the house!

Today is Daddy's 30th birthday!! Elizabeth was proud to dial the phone all by herself to wish him a happy birthday, but she only got his answering machine. We'll try again later.

They spent all afternoon yesterday in the kitchen making him a surprise batch of cookies that they wrapped all up to give him as a surprise on his birthday. E coached Z all day to not say anything to dad when he came home, but as soon as Daddy walked in the door Z ran up to him with all the excitement of a 3 year old boy and told him 'We made cookies for you, Daddy!".

You should have seen the look of disgust on E's face LOL. Now they are waiting for 5pm so they can give them to him (they slept in and didn't get to see him this morning).

We are going to daddy's parent's house tonight for a little party for him, and then we are having friends over on Sunday night to celebrate again. E has already brought me the streamers today to decorate the house before he comes home ( it's only 8am).


We've been taking a mini school holiday for the last 2 weeks while mommy adjusts to being pregnant. I forgot how exhausted you can get while you are growing a new baby!! Today we are having a big lesson in home economics again (using the new central vac, washing the floors, cleaning bathrooms)... and then we'll try to fit in a reading lesson before mommy crashes for a nap. Good thing we are mostly already done kindergarten. It's been fun!! We need to finish reading the pond people, and we need to finish up her math. This week we are working on adding tens. 10+10, 20+20, 30+30 etc..

Yesterday in the car E was so proud of herself when she suddenly yelled up to the front that 3+2=5. She had figured it out herself!

Well, my floors are calling to me. The kids are busy doing their morning chores, and H is trying to escape from her highchair so I guess I better get at it.

Oh! I almost forgot, H is learning how to walk!! On St. Patty's day she took her first steps, and yesterday she took about 5 steps all at the same time!! My little girl is growing up.

Bless you all on this foggy morning!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to your dh!! :)

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday to your husband.