Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First spelling test

For language arts, I am using a program that I am really enjoying called Little Angels, and today I followed the TMs suggestion of having a spelling test for E. She didn't even know what a 'test' was, and thought it was lots of fun :-)

I read to her a list of words and she wrote them down. Then I read to her 3 sentences which she wrote down. She did amazingly well! I was pretty surprised by how quickly she could convert what she heard into words on the paper. We haven't done a lot of practicing this at all... I guess it just goes to show how phonics is a great tool for teaching reading AND spelling.... even at this young age.

Afterwards she wanted to draw a picture of the first sentence: Dad had ham. Another one of the fun things with homeschooling because she has the time to indulge in these creative sidetracks.

I had to laugh looking at her test, because my handwriting ('elizabeth's spelling test LA pg 27) isn't much better than hers.

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aunt val said...

Wow! what good work.