Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Hard to believe it but my baby just turned one!!! Even harder to believe... my other baby just turned three!! We had a lovely party for them on the weekend and I just can't believe how grown up they all look now.

H is walking like a pro now. She even attempted running the other day, and is also trying to climb up on anything she can reach. She loves her new skills and is quite happy these days. We're also enjoying a short reprive from teething around here, and she is sleeping really good at nighttime again. yay!!
Z is in heaven playing with all of his new 'boy' toys. Living with two sisters has given him lots of fun playing princess and bad guys, and playing house, playdough and coloring.. but he has yet to experience the fun of playing with tonka trucks, fire trucks, castles, knights, lego etc... He loves every single one of his presents and is just so happy.
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Melissa said...

We can't wait to buy more boy toys!!! I wouldn't be surprised if Jack bought him skates & signed him up for hockey. LOL!

AV said...

I love the train cake!!!
I would have loved to have been there. Heather looks so grown up, I just can't believe it. What a cute outfit she has on. I love the pic of Zach playing in the dirt with his tractors.

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday! and Happy Birthday!