Monday, April 17, 2006

Swimming Lessons

Well E decided that after her art lessons, she'd like to do some swimming lessons, and so Z joined her in the 3-5 year old class. The first class was a little touch and go, as they initially seperated the 3 and 5 yr olds into different classes, and Z was scared without his sister. He spent the whole class crying and sat out beside me for the last half.

He decided to be very brave the next time, and held tightly onto E's hand the whole time. He also clutched a little toy boat through his whole class like a security blanket. Although he didn't do much of what the teacher tried to get them to do, he stayed in the water the whole time and didn't cry once, so we were so proud of our big boy.

E really enjoyed her lessons. She looked like such a mommy, holding on to her brother's hand the whole time... and she was so brave getting her face wet, floating on her back, and splashing around. Other than swimming, we haven't done a lot of school this past week. I've been so tired, and have been trying to rest as much as I can. Now that I'm getting out of the first trimester, I'm starting to feel much better, so we'll finish up our Kindergarten year in the next month or so. I want to get to counting by fives, telling time, and an intro to subtraction in math, and in phonics, I'd like to introduce long vowels. Other than that, we are pretty much done for the year.

I'm going to start a scrapbook and finish it over the summer of E's Kindergarten year that documents all of her projects and things she learned with picutres etc. I'm sure that will be a fun thing to do together... and then I'd like to finish poor Z's baby book, and H's while i'm at it.

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AV said...

I love the top picture of E & Z. They are so beautiful. Their personalities just shine through.

jen said...

ahhh they look so sweet together!