Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My little helper

Today we had a busy day: we did a reading and spelling lesson, math (counting by tens, adding tens), and read another story about the pond people.. this time about a snapping turtle. Did you know they can eat baby alligators?? Yikes! not the kind of turtle I'd like to meet in a pond.

This was all before 9am, when we drove off to the swimming pool for another lesson. They both did great again :-) After naptime, we all got up and started dinner preparations and then made cookies together.

E was my great little helper when I was getting ready for dinner: she peeled the potatoes all by herself! She was so proud to be such a good helper.

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AV said...

Tell E that I am very proud of her and that she should be proud of herself for being so helpful to her wonderful mother!