Monday, April 03, 2006

spelling rules

Today mommy learned something new!! Since I was never given the benefit of phonics instruction, my spelling has never been the best. I am trying to help E have good spelling, from the beginning.

I learned there are actually rules that govern most words! Today, we learned that in a single syllable word, you usually write "k" if it comes before an "i", and you write "c" if it comes before an "a". She figured it out right away and had fun writing her answers on the slate. Later on, the kids spent the morning playing with some playdough we made together. They had so much fun making snakes and animals. I even got to sneak in a small nap. After lunch, they enjoyed the warm spring weather and played in the dirt for a few hours. I had to stop their fun when I went in search of them and found them playing some bad guy/good guy game with Z being chained to the house with daddy's big rusted iron chain he uses to lock up his long ladder. LOL
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Melissa said...

Poor Zachariah....I'm surprised on that one! LOL!

Aunt Val said...

I just got my computer back and so I'm enjoying reading all these entries! Mel, I think it's funny that you majored in Linguistics but you didn't know about the spelling rules. (I never knew that one either--do you think they just made it up?)
I loved the earlier post when E cleaned up the kitchen for you. She is just a special person. Value her!! (like you don't!)