Tuesday, April 25, 2006

podcasts anyone?

While we don't have a television, and while I don't let my children spend more than 30 min every few weeks or so playing on the computer, I do appreciate technology and how it can enrich our educational experience and our every day lives.

For one, blogging is so much fun, and such a great way to keep a record of our homeschooling adventures... and I love connecting with other moms and seeing what other people are experiencing.

And this week I have especially enjoyed learning about the new world of podcasts. These are free internet 'radio' shows that anyone and everyone can produce with the help of a microphone and a computer. They are saved as MP3 files, and can be listened to on an iPod... which I have no need for (imagine the craziness that would erupt in my house if I put earphones on for more than 30 seconds). You can also listen to them on your computer... and since our computer is in the living room and functions as our stereo (being hooked up to our speakers), I can listen to them during the day.

There are podcasts on just about anything.. but we have especially been enjoying a few good ones for kids. This morning the kids are listening to 'StoryNory'. It's a weekly podcast with old fairytales and stories read by this woman with a wonderful english accent. We've listened to Alibababa, the princess and the pea, the real cinderella, goldilocks, etc...

You can find other podcasts by looking through some of the directories out there.. or you can just google what you're looking for (i.e. podcast cooking).

We've also enjoyed Classics for kids (a real radio show, not a podcast, but they are archived online)

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AV said...

Is Alibababa a magical Arabian sheep?