Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's Spring (for now)

What a beautiful day up here!! It's so sunny and warm... my crocuses are blooming, my tulips are close, my raspberries and rhubarb are starting to grow, and even the peony I gave up for lost is sprouting new growth. What a nice day to be alive. I don't even have to make dinner because I'm heating up leftovers from a yummy dinner a dear friend brought over for me last night.

This morning the kids got up nice and early with big smiles on their faces asking for breakfast. After a morning of playing very nicely, we went to their swimming lessons where they did such a good job and were both very brave.

After swimming lessons, we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at the lazy loaf, and then a quick walk around the nice quilting store (I don't actually have time to quilt, but it's fun to browse and imagine all the pretty things I could make if I really wanted to LOL).

After that, we were off to the doctors office for a checkup (all of them are very healthy, but surprisingly quite short... must be from my mom's genes), and then they convinced me that it was a good day to take a walk along the river path. So we wandered along the river, looking at the rocks, the branches, the canada geese (and their poop), and ended up at a playground where E quickly adopted a little girl as her new friend and they played and played for 45 min.

The little girl was so cute: she was telling E how to spell her name

little girl: "M....e....n....a...."

E: "ohhh!!!" (as in, oh that's such a nice way to spell Mena)

Little Girl: "no no no, O is not in my name".

E just smiled at her kind of like she smiles at Z when he is being illogical but cute.

Now we are home and they are playing picnic on my coffe table (eating ponies and trains because apparently they are too lazy to go upstairs and get their play food). Posted by Picasa

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AV said...

These are such wonderful stories Mel. What an incredible record for you and Sean and Jeri and Ed and Leslie and Jack and all your sweeties to read as the years go by.