Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What will it be like when the TWINS are this age?

What is life going to be like in another year and a half, if this is the kind of trouble my other toddler and preschooler can get into??

This morning, after taking a shower, I came downstairs to discover my mischevious little monkeys stuffing handfulls of sugar into their mouths... the day after halloween to boot! What a mess!! sugar in the hair, on the clothes, on the floor, and then all over the vacuum brush, and the bathroom towel.

Shortly after this adventure, while I was still vacuuming up the sugar, I found my little princess perched on the kitchen table dumping the salt out of the salt shaker and tasting it. Sigh... I think she'll be either a great scientist (such wonderful curiosity), or perhaps a mother to her own set of toddlers to clean up after.

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Mom said...

This is absolutely precious!!!

Aunt Val said...


Adele said...

How funny, Do you remember wondering this and now you are there or almost. ( : Prayers for continued good humour and more sleep!!