Friday, November 17, 2006

Movie day!

Friday is the day of choice for the kids in this family because friday means it's movie day!! In fact E measures the days of the week by how close they are to friday :-) They get to pile onto the couch (why did I buy a white couch btw? why didn't people tell me that was a bad idea for someone who wanted a bunch of kids one day?... anyways, I digress).

Since we don't have a television per se, we pull the laptop onto the coffee table and drag it as close as it can get to the couch for the real big screen, full sound experience. Today they are going to watch Prince of Egypt. Let's call this our history class for the day... and we can mix in a music class too because Prince of Egypt is a musical... oh, and don't forget religion class! I like this movie!!

Mommy loves movie day too, because not only do I get a break for a few hours, and I can also clean up the house faster than they can unclean it!

I also love movie day because it means that E is very motivated to get through her reading and math. Today she did SUCH a good job at reading.. it's really starting to 'click' for her. She read to me for about 45 min out of some little readers we have, and I'm just thrilled that she's starting to get it.

For math, we are working on memorizing the +2 facts. We're going through math-u-see but we've stopped for a bit and are focusing on memorizing the math facts before we move on. That's what I like about being the teacher.. I can ignore the book and do what I want.

John Paul and Peter love movie day too, because it means that they can play on the floor without the danger of being stepped on or loved too much.. and they can practice rolling over. (Peter rolled this week!!).

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Aunt Val said...

Way to go Peter!
Yes, Mel that is the big screen, full sound experience!
As for the couch, um, how do I put this diplomatically, I think we all told you not to buy a white couch!
love, love, AV