Monday, April 16, 2007

Back at it!

So the twins are already 6 1/2 months old, and since that means we haven't really done math or spelling for that long, I figured it was about time we started up again. Plus the kids are growing restless with a lack of routine, and I"m growing bored with the current messy crazy chaos our house has erupted into.

Last week we wrote up a schedule together, and talked about how we would start school again on monday, so they were ready for the new routine. The most exciting looked-forward-to part of the schedule was the addition of a formal 'recess'. Apparently, after hearing about this in books and on movies, the kids wanted to have their own recess. (not that they dont' play all day long already.. they just wanted to experience real recess!).

Anways, the day was a success. We began with our morning routine:

Get dressed, make bed, have breakfast, clean up kitchen, kids unload dishwasher

And then we started into our schoolwork:

Religion, (faith and life)
Math (calculadder..a timed math drill we are trying out, and lesson 10 in Math-U-See on adding 8 to numbers)
Snack time (bagel and cream cheese)
Spelling (list H2 in SWR, practicing phonemes, and writing in cursive)
reading (she read to me a short story from Little Angel Reader A)
Recess (they played and played for hours outside with grandpa. This was the highlight of the day for sure. We found lots of signs of spring: worms, ladybugs, tulips and rhubarb emerging from the ground, strawberry plants starting to grow... and they started to build a playhouse out of rocks and boards they found. They just need some cement they tell me... sure..i'll get right on that)

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