Thursday, April 12, 2007

Photograpic artistry

My cousin is an artist... something I really admire about her. She works so hard, seems like she must have lots of fun, and produces some great work. Her latest photo she has done is above. It's called The Dream, and it's part of a series of young adventurous girls. The sort of art that could only come from a mind that was raised on great books.

Below are three other pictures in the series (Bound, The Explorers, The Reader). My favorite is on the right.

On her website you can view some of her other works, and here is a photo tour of the making of some of her work:

It's interesting to see how they are all put together... it gives you an appreciation of how much work goes into these. It makes me want to go out and buy some original artwork from someone... In the age of superstores where you can buy cheap prints of just about anything for pennies, it's nice to be able to support original artists. My husband often likes to find obscure Catholic musicians on the Internet and order Cd's from them as well. I believe you can also support writers by purchasing the hardcover editions of books as they come out, as it shows support for their works, and more money ends up in the actual author's hands.

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