Monday, April 09, 2007

Our truly HOLY week; part two

yummy buns with icingAfter staying up late on Holy Thursday because of church being after dinner, we had a quiet and slow morning on Good Friday. We spent the morning working on our Easter Lapbook (post on this to follow), making Hot cross buns, crafting crosses out of playdough, and getting ready to return to church again.

playdough crossesAt church on this special day, the children were drawn in by the silence, the bareness of the walls and altar (all decorations, cloths, flowers, statues are taken down for good Friday), and the life size wooden cross placed in the middle of the church that we processed by and touched or kissed it, in honor of the wood on which Jesus was crucified. Z especially was saddened by Jesus' death, and kept saying how sad it was that the soldiers were so mean to him.

so tired from all the excitment of the weekendAfter we returned home, we spent the afternoon napping, eating a simple supper of homemade soup and bread given to us by one of my best friends down the street (who has supplied us with many many meals since the babies came), and then settled down on our family couch (thank you to our other wonderful friends who donated two new-to-us couch) for bedtime stories and prayers.

Mommy and Daddy watched the Passion before they went to bed and wept with the women of Jerusalem, and Christ's disciples as he was crucified and laid to rest in the tomb. We went to bed in silence.

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