Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Even on sick days...

Yesterday morning, I came downstairs to a quiet house with little E laying on the couch, sick.

A cold or something of the sort was makng her feel quite draggy and ill. There goes my plans for a good homeschoolinhg day, I thought.

I persevered, however, against the relentless tide of requests for the traditional sick day movie-a-thon, and decided to sprinkle the house with opportunities for discovery and learning instead.

First there were the books I layed down on the couch where she was lounging:
- A picture story book of the Greeks

- How to decorate birthday cakes

- Volcanoes

- Birds

- Tree identification guide

(it helped I was rearranging furniture all day and had the books all over the place to organize them!)

Then there was the podcasts we listened to:


-12 dancing princesses (did you know it wasn't orignially a barbie thing?)

-Alice in Wonderland chapter 7

-The happy prince (oscar wilde)

And the online audio books from our library:

-The Jungle books by Rudyard Kipling (the first chapter), and

-Anne of Green Gables (in it's entirety)

And finally, there was the Klutz How to Build Castles kit that I placed on the table for the kids to discover.

The result... at the end of the day, instead of having sick, whiney, TV doped kids who were grumpy and restless, I had curious-feeling-a-bit-better kids who learned a lot, and I enjoyed Anne of green gabels very much. So much, that I ordered the DVD to watch later.

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