Monday, April 23, 2007

Yes, JP, there IS a sun...

Finally, a nice day in our part of the world. The twins have been stuck inside since they were born practically, and today JP enjoyed the warmth of the sun on his skin for the first time. His twin brother was sleeping, but JP was happy to explore the outside world nonetheless. So this is what sunshine feels like!!

I was in heaven walking through my backyard in my barefeet this morning. Warm sun on my skin, soft grass under my feet, smells of spring and fresh air filling my lungs. This mamma is happy!!
That, and this cutie pie slept through the night last night, so mommy had a better sleep. (now we just need to teach his brother)
And the VERY FIRST flower of the year in our yard!!!! A small, beautiful crocus. Welcome Spring. Please make yourself at home and stay awhile! pretty please?
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