Wednesday, May 30, 2007

building the nile

Another homeschooling project that had to go on a vacation while we were selling the house: The Nile River!

We've been learning about ancient history off and on this year, and one weekend we were feeling sort of crafty so decided to make this Nile River diorama. It was lots of fun. We learned that most of the land in Egypt is a desert and not much can grow there, but along the banks of the river, there is fertile soil and lots of water to help everything grow very lush.

We also had fun making clay pyramids to put on the desert.

The kids planted grass seeds in the dirt and we waited for them to spout. Unfortunately, while we were still waiting, we had to let the river have a sleepover at grandma's house due to putting our house on the market so we missed being able to check on it every day.

The excitement when we got it back looking so green and full of life was worth it though! Look at our jungle paradise :-)
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Angel said...

That's really neat! What book were you using?

Anonymous said...

great idea with the grass cool