Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mother Mary in May

May is traditionally the month that is dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.... Where I live it is a perfect month for this, because it is when spring really hits us for the first time. The trees are finally starting to leaf out, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the grass is turning green. The world is full of the lovliness and beauty of nature. Innocent and pure, delicate and sweet.

While I don't have time to plan all sorts of inspiring crafts and lessons this year (what with the twins, sleep deprivation, and a possible upcomming move), but thanks to the amazing world of blogs, I can benefit from the creativity and time of other moms.

Jordan, from Cheerios and Fingerpaints paints a fun picture for us of her plans with her young children this month. I love her idea of the foam pieces rosary.

Cottage Blessings is alwasy full of beautiful craft ideas to help celebrate and enrich our faith. She has some lovely pictures to help illustrate all of her crafts too.

Dawn, at By Sun and Candlelight also gives us some inspiration for what to do on May Day. Lovely!!

Or maybe... I'll just play it really easy, and go over to Illuminated Ink online, and get some of their craft kits that are already made up for me.

Mary Paper dolls

Mary grotto kit

Rosary holder

We'll get to at least one of these beautiful ideas hopefully!!


Jordan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Melanie, and for providing at link there from yours. I am also happy to visit yours for the first time. : -)

I hope you and your children are having a happy May Day.

BTW, your banner is very cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Mel!

You sound like you are all doing wonderfully. I can't believe how big the babies are1 :) They are all so sweet.

Still keeping up with you via your blog. You sound very busy. impending move? Are you moving closer to us? :)

Lots of love!


Anonymous said...

what? Possible Move? Where are you going? Thank you for your blog it is my way of keeping in touch with you.


Alice Gunther said...

This is so very kind of you! Thank you!

And Happy May Day!

Rebecca said...

Hi Melanie,
Greetings from another Albertan at 4real! I think I have seen your blog before...

Don't worry about not having the time to do the creative stuff, there is lots of time for that. It's a wonderful season that you are in, a tired one, but treasure it all the same.

From another Alberta Mom, with 7 under 9!

Rebecca J

Diva-Maria said...

Love this post!!! It inspired me b/c it got me thinking about teaching my kids about Mary more. So I followed your links to Cheerios and Paints and made the Mary alter and the rosary craft. I took it a bit further and threaded the foam pieces to make a rosary. The kids loved it! Thanks for taking the time to inspire other moms :-)

PS Let me know if you need help with the kids while you pack.