Saturday, May 26, 2007

More on the stick bugs

They are growing up so fast, those little stick bugs. Currently they are on vacation at a friends house (while we were trying to sell our home, I thought they might be happier over there... didn't want to scare away potential buyers LOL). Apparently they are well cared for and loved in their new home. They have laid eggs and we are awaiting the appearance of the babies.

These pictures are of one day when I was really brave and decided to clean out their home all by myself when sean was at work. Nothing a stick bug crawling on your kitchen counter to spice up your day!!

My favorite adventure with the stick bugs by far though, has to be when one of them accidentally got dropped onto grandma Jeri's foot during a birthday party last month. I never laughed so hard since I found out I was actually pregnant with twins :-)

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Theresa ♥ said...

Now where did you find stick bugs? How very interesting!