Wednesday, May 30, 2007

egyptian wall murals

We're always doing art lessons every day. Most are spontaneous bouts of creativity straight from E's imagination.

This one is actually from our art curriculum that I paid money for (why did I buy it when she apparently just teaches herself?). Anyways, we were learning about Egyptian wall murals, and when it was her turn to draw about what she had learned, she began this large drawing of Pharoh. I was amazed at how quickly she can draw, and the details and perspective she adds to her pictures.

The bottom picture is also a mural, but it is a palm tree with a coconut falling down. Notice the detail of where the land is and the water. If I were to draw this picture, I would have the ground be a simple line along the bottom of the page, but she has figured out how to draw dimensional perspective into her pictures with the background at an angle.

She should teach me a few things!!
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