Monday, May 21, 2007

A good morning...

...even if it's SNOWING outside. That's spring for you where I live!!

Hope those plants I have out there survive.

Everyone is feeling much better around here. Thanks be to God.

Daddy is enjoying a much-deserved sleep in the morning, the kids are being silly at the breakfast table, snapdragon the toddler is torturing one of the babies on the floor, the other one is snoozing with daddy.

Mommy is enjoying some pretty music and a realtively calm moment to write a short blog post.

Our house sale is now final on both ends. YAY!! We will be moving this summer. I am so excited. Like my lovely sister in law told me, it's a real 'grown-up' house!! Living room, dining room, fireplaces, big bedrooms, big back yard, finished basement. I think I will feel a bit like a child when we move in there... espceially since we don't have nearly enough furniture to fit into all the living spaces. With so many little kids running around that's not necessarily a bad thing.

So what's going on with us lately?

-JP and Peter both have one tooth and another shortly on the way

-E has two LESS teeth. She now proudly matches her brother's smile

-H can talk up a storm now. "mommy do it!", "I wan come too!", "UP UP", "Bye mommy!", "(here you) GO mommy", "Want Juice!", "baby crying", and she proudly calls her relatives by name, calling both grandpas sweetly by their first names. "Hi ED!", "bye, Jack!".

-JP and Peter have started to eat solid food now, although they don't really enjoy it. I'll have to post some pictures soon, because they make the most adorable faces when you try feeding them something other than mommy's special milk.

-E has finished her choir for the year, ending with a special spring concert last weekend. She has learned a great deal from this choir, and we are so proud of her. Last night she was singing for us in our bed, and I was amazed by how her singing voice has matured, and how her range has grown.

Blessings to all of you out there. Hug your families and say your prayers. So many people love you.

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Aunt Val said...

how exciting about your new house -- you will revel in the space!

thinking about Heather climbing up the bunk beds and wondering how you'll cope until your move . . . a small mattress on the floor in your room, just until you move, might work.

love, AV