Saturday, May 19, 2007

Super daddy

When mommy gets sick, the whole household can fall apart within five minutes...

that is, of course, unless super-daddy steps in to take care of it all!!

He's amazing, my husband. He's taken care of the twins, the toddler (who is also throwing up), the preschooler and the first grader... he's made meals, cleaned up the house, done the dishes, made muffins, gone grocery shopping, went for a 3 hour housing inspection on our new home, put kids down for naps... and managed to get a bunch of his real job (manager at Bell) done in the midst of it all.

Wow, he even managed to get a blog post written (see below).

Thank God for daddies. And for wonderful, loving husbands who will bring you warm chicken broth and soda crackers, and a laptop to surf the net while you are laying in bed. What would we do without him?

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Angel said...

Hope you all start feeling better soon -- and congratulations on your new house!]\