Monday, October 06, 2008

just a bit of rambling

oh blogging... I love chatting about the silly little details of my chaotic life on here. I love scrolling through pages looking at how my children have grown, and how my own patience, joy and sense of humor have grown through them.  

I love reading all the other amazing blogs out there that are far more beautiful, witty and inspiring than my own. I love this wonderful outlet on the internet for moms who spend their days in service to those little ones around them.  

I wish I had more time for all of it, but of course, it's just a celebration of the real thing which is around me in person right beside me!!  As I type, my little JP is on my lap helping me push the right keys, and the other 4 angels are quietly sleeping in their beds.... soon to wake up, come down rubbing their eyes and looking for cereal and a smile from their mommy.

What a precious, lovely, blessed life I have been given.  

Oh, it can be so hard sometimes. Oh, I can get so so tired sometimes, and oh. the. noise.  But, I love it and I recognize that I am far more blessed than most people.  Thank you dear God for my children, my husband, my family, and my home.  Thank you for giving me this full life where I can stay home and work hard to meet the needs of all these souls in my care.  I am loving it.

This winter,  Sean and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary.  He wants me to think of something really special that we should do for our 10th.  I have a year to think and plan.  What should we do?  I'd love to go to Rome, or do that pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella... but those would take us too far away from our little monkeys.  I would love to visit St. Anne de Beaupre again and wander hand-in-hand through the streets of Old Quebec.  Perhaps I would be satisfied with just staying in a cabin in the mountains for a week and sleeping in, drinking wine and eating good meals in the quiet with my love.  

Any ideas?

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