Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My little helpers

As the kids get older, they have learned to help out around the house in many ways. Every morning (and sometimes again in the afternoon) they unload the dishwasher. They have figured out a great system to make it go faster: E perches on the counter and puts the dishes in the cupboard while Z hands her the plates and cups. Whatever works :-)
They also do lots of other things around the house:

Morning chores: make bed, clean room, get dressed, empty dishwasher
lunch time chores: take dishes to dishwasher after lunch
supper chores: help set the table and help clean off the table after supper
night time: clean up their toys in the basement and family room, brush teeth and put dirty clothes in hamper
weekend: help with taking sheets off the beds, Z empties all the garbage in the house, and E helps clean bathroom countertops and sinks.

H is a great cleaner and helps where she feels like it, unless I have a specific job for her. Her favorite job is to clean up entire rooms in a flash. "I did it ALL by MYSELF!!" (of course she just piles everything in a huge pile behind the chair, but hey, it's a start!)

The twins just help where the can. Today they decided to help clean out the flour bin... it was looking a little full afterall. The kicker, is that they did it three times in one morning, on three seperate occasions... in three seperate areas of the living room. You'd think their mother would learn the first time!!
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