Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

 Weds October 8th 2008

Outside My Window... The leaves have almost all fallen to the ground and there is a chill in the air.  My brown and weedy flowerbeds are calling me to clean them up for the coming winter.

This week...  E's followup appointment with the GI doctor about her celiac disease... she's doing really well and her blood tests showed much improvement.    

I am thinking... about adding gluten free oats into our diet now that she's been doing so good for 6 months on the GF diet.  Apparently regular oats are almost always contaminated with wheat from the processing, and being grown nearby wheat fields.  Some people with celiac disease even react to certified GF oats, so we'll try them out slowly.  

I am thankful for... great husband's who take time off from work to take care of everyone when mommy has the tummy flu...

From the kitchen...  home made applesauce and fresh baked bread.  (all courtesy of Mr. Mom - see above)

From the Learning room... water color washes in art, how to take care of a sick mommy.

I am wearing... Jammies.  Tummy flu going through the house.. 'nuff said.

I am creating...  nothing much really.... oh, but in my mind I am so crafty.  I have a beautiful house overflowing with gorgeous quilts and needlework and full scrapbooks.  You will have to come visit and see my beautiful interior design skills as well.. my walls are painted in comforting tones to match my soft over stuffed furniture, and my children are playing beautiful songs on the piano while I bake cookies and tea for my guests.  

I am reading...   The Lord of the Rings.  This book, though full of battles and 'boy stuff' has such truth about life packed into it.  This go around (my second), i'm taking time to savor Tolkien's long and generous descriptions and poetry.  It helped that I layed in bed all day yesterday.  The hobbits have just made it to Rivendell.

I am hoping... That no one else gets sick.  The only ones left are JP and Daddy.  Oh and the handfull of relatives and friends we might have infected along the way this week... sorry!

Around the house... Chaos like you wouldn't believe.  But, I am experienced in chaos enough to know that this too will pass.

One of my favorite things... laying in bed after being sick and having my dear husband come up with a snack for me to see how I'm doing and give me a gentle kiss on my forehead.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Cleaning the house, resuming school,  having a shower.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... 

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