Friday, October 24, 2008

Time away

Someone else made my bed for me this morning... and folded my towel nicely, and served me breakfast and lunch and even cleaned up my dishes. I showered and got dressed in a quiet room without worrying what the 'quiet' really meant. I savoured my morning prayer time, lingering in quiet conversation with God, and enjoyed Mass, holding only my hymn book in my arms.

No, I didn't hire a nanny... and no, I didn't train my almost-eight-year old to be a nanny. I was just blessed enough to have parents, inlaws and a very generous husband who all volunteered to take over being 'mom' while I'm away at a beautiful Regnum Christi Woman's convention for an extended 4 day weekend.

Big THANK YOU!! If you ever want to give a mother of young children a gift they will treasure forever, this would be it!! Time away to reflect on my role as a mother and a wife... time away to reflect on how I can inject light and love and hope into my family, my neighborhood and the world all around me. Time away to be grateful for what I have been given, and time away to recharge, in order to return with greater love and energy and resolutions to give myself as a gift to those around me.

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