Friday, October 31, 2008


It's something I both love and despise... the noise all around me, every day.



My three year old snapdgragon entertains me all day with her endless alphabet song she is so proud of.   Whether I'm trying to sleep on the couch, make dinner, or chat on the phone, she requires my full attention.  And she's just so darn cute.

To compete with her, the twins of course have their average volume set slightly above her.  Except, they don't know how to talk really. So they resort to very loud grunts, blood curdling screams and growls.  They're pretty darn cute as well.

Now my oldest boy Z (5 years old), is the king of sound effects and races through the house with his latest favorite toy in hand(helicopter, plane, boat, bus etc...), yelling in his very excited voice.  
E, my little daisy (8 yrs) is usually the quietest one... but only because while all this is going on in the background, I'm trying to teach her some sort of complicated grammar or math lesson.   When she's not doing school work or sitting on the couch with her nose in a book, she is playing with her friends or her siblings and sprinkling the house with her hysterically contagious laughter.  She knows how to laugh.  She once had an entire grocery store looking around for the source of her bright laughing.  

I thank God that my house is joyful, and full of life. That I have ample evidence right before my very ears of the love and responsibility I have been blessed with.  That I have minute by minute reminders of what my calling is in life.  I could have days filled with traffic sounds to and from work, gossip, television shows and computer typing.  

Instead, I choose to stay here: The music might be out of tune, and the dialogue might now win Academy Awards... but it's my own personal soundtrack, and I love it.  (especially the part called 'bedtime')

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