Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Singing Priests; from Sony

When I saw a link for the new group from Sony BMG, The Priests, I was expected one of those YouTube jokes that go around.

I was pleasently surprised when I followed the link, and listened for awhile.  They are lovely. The music is gentle and inspiring, their voices are beautiful and I sat and listened for more than a few minutes.  Even my 8 year old daughter paused in her work to dance around the family room to the music.  Their new CD would make a great christmas gift this winter.  

Apparently, they have just singed a music deal with Sony BMG and will be releasing thier first record shortly.  The three have been singing together since they were boys, and are all parish priests in Ireland.    I love the fact that they made sure their contracts included an exemption that they could break from the promotional work to attend to important parish duties like funerals etc...  These guys are the real thing twice over: musicians and priests.

More about The Priests on the internet:

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