Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!!

It's a good thing that the twins got up so early today.. there's so much fun stuff happening. We don't want to miss a minute of it doing something boring like sleeping.

The kids rushed down the stairs and ran straight over to the fireplace where they found their boots  (and a few crocs) filled with chocolate coins and treats, and a candy cane.  

I guess St. Nick didn't have time to stop at the orange grove, because there were no mandarins this year.  
Maybe he was too busy praying or something.  Anyhow, the kids never noticed the omission. They were too excited by the candy and the movie and book that were also left for them. 

Our plans for the morning: make up some cinnamon buns to rise, go watch our new movie Wall-E, and then wait for some friends to come over to decorate some christmas cookies with us. 

My favorite quote of the morning, from Z the 5 year old boy:  (his logic never fails to amaze me)

"Mom, I gave my candy cane to Heather, but I'm feeling a little candy-sick because all I keep eating is chocolate, so I need some candy to feel better.  I need it back". 

Here are two videos for the grandparents:  One of the kids just finding their chocolate, and one of Z telling me all about the picture he drew for St. Nick:


Anonymous said...

Hey, how did my parents couch get there? LOL

Looks like they had fun!

love, Melissa (aka Auntie Melissa to the kiddies)

Anonymous said...

MORE VIDEOS! I love you and I love your family! will you adopt me? I'm real clean and already know how to drive.

p.s. it's jenny!