Monday, December 01, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Monday December 1, 2008

Outside my Window: a beautiful blue sky with a few clouds lit by the sunrise.

I am thinking:  about adding wonder to the season of advent this year.  I don't want to rush the xmas preparations, and get stressed about shopping, finishing up school and getting it all done perfect.  I just want to live in the moment.

I am thankful for: a 'new' couch in our family room (thanks mom! It looks lovely)

From the learning room:  We finished term 1! Now we are shifting our focus to advent. We will be doing a Jesse tree, and following along with Advent Adventures.  We also plan to do some readalouds from A Life Of our Lord for Children.  

From the Kitchen: I'm working on a good gluten free sugar cookie recipe for decorating.  

I am wearing:  A soft green cotton skirt and a striped cotton tshirt.  My hair is freshly washed and up in a bun.  I wish I had some nice comfy feminine slippers to wear around the house.

I am creating: Lots of ideas for advent activities.  We did our advent chain again this year, with a few additions.  maybe I'll blog about it later.

I am going: to my weekly holy hour on Wednesday to pray for all of my family and friends that they have a peaceful Christmas this year, and don't get weighed down by the business and stress.

I am reading: Lord of the Rings book 3.  I still love this series. It's fun to be reading fiction again.

I am hoping: I will remember to live each moment one at a time, relying on the help of God to be kind and generous with each person I encounter (especially each of my little ones that tug on my pant leg while I'm 'busy' with other things).

I am hearing: My 3 year old playing with one of the toddlers.  My older two helping each other with some advent word searches, and my other toddler rocking in his high chair.  A relatively peaceful morning.

Around the house:  Our Advent wreath is on the kitchen table with a new purple table runner under it, and our Pregnant Mary statue sitting in the middle.  We will slowly add decorations as we get closer to Christmas.

One of my favorite things:  eating supper as a family by around the table with all the lights in the house off, except the flickering lights of the advent wreath.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finishing Christmas shopping and getting everything wrapped.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:
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Anonymous said...

I wish I'd read this before christmas so I could have bought you comfy feminine slippers instead of the robe! next year I will scour your blogs for hints. but I want to continue getting YOU presents because the rest of the family will get them for the kids, and I do love them so much, but YOU are my special cousin melanie and you deserve presents too!!! p.s. it's jenny