Monday, December 08, 2008

Snow fun!

It was the perfect day. The snow was falling gently in large flakes that were easy to catch on your tongue if you had the patience to stand there. It was cold enough to require mittens and hats and winter jackets... and the fun of warm hot chocolate afterwards, but warm enough to stay and play outside for as long as you want- especially since the snow stuck together in big soft clumps... the perfect snowman weather.

The big kids played outside for hours, throwing and pushing and shoveling the white snow. Later on when their daddy came home, they worked together to build the biggest snowman they've ever made.

I so enjoyed watching their rosy faces push the big balls of snow around the yard, laughing and giggling - their eyes sparkling with the wonder of it all. Daddy helped them lift up the second and third balls, and they smiled with pride when they put the final touches on their huge creation.

Later on they were thrilled with the warm hot chocolate I gave them, and we spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled in the basement watching our new movie Wall-E with daddy.

In the evening, we set up our outdoor Nativity scene and xmas lights, and then after shovelling the driveway of our neighbor, we went for walk around the block, stopping to play an exciting game of tag in the park. I just love winter time.

Watching the twins enjoy the snow was a delight. It really is wonderful, being able to experience the joy of your own childhood all over again through your children's eyes. What a gift.
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aunt val said...

That's a BIG snowman!!!!!!!!
That's a GIANT snowman!!!
That's a HUMONGOUS snowman!!!!

iajadn said...

That sounds like so much fun!