Friday, December 05, 2008

Seven Quick Takes Friday


Where has the week gone?  I haven't had much time for blogging. We've been having lots of fun doing Advent activities, and the twins have been growing more mischevious each day, so I have been mostly following a few minutes behind them cleaning up after their messes.... if I could just catch up to them...


We were painting some beautiful pictures with watercolor and JP decided to join in on the fun while we weren't looking. Good thing he's so darn cute, or I might be tempted to get mad at him.

 While I was enjoying a quiet moment downstairs, the monkeys climbed onto their change table, reached the diaper cream off the shelf above and proceeded to apply it like face paint to each other.  

So... how do I get ANYTHING done around here?Don't ask.  I think God put me on this earth so that other people would feel better about the state of their own less-messy houses.  If you ever need a boost in your own pride, come on over!

For example, while I'm typing this very post, the babies are in the background dumping pennies all over the floor.  Do I ignore them so I can do something else besides cleaning for awhile.. just so I can clean later? Or do I stop them, clean up the mess, and wait 5 seconds until they get into something else?  It's a never ending dilemma until nap time.  

Isn't this a nice scene?  
Grandpa came over this past week for a visit and spent some time teaching E how to play the chopsticks duet with him.  We are so blessed to have all the grandparents so close to us.  They are truly a gift. (don't mind the blurry picture.. it's actually (you guessed it) finger prints on the lens from the twins.  sigh.


If you can't beat 'em...  build them a super big fort in the living room, give them some chocolate popcorn and go hide somewhere with a good book.  

"Wow! It's Like SOO COOOL Mom!" -says the little 3 yr old.


Too bad the twins' attention span only lasts as long as it took me to build the thing.  They are back to dumping pennies, and playing with my camera.  I know when I'm old and grey and lonely I'll look back on these times with great joy.  Maybe I should write a book so I can read all about it... actually I suppose that's what this blog is for... and that's why I let them make big messes while I take the time to do it.  

God bless you, everyone.

Tonight we await St. Nicholas who will hopefully bring some chocolate and goodies to put in the kids shoes.   Try leaving your own shoes out and see if he leaves you anything!!  I heard my kids talking about how they were going to leave out their boots, running shoes and church shoes

edited to fix a really incomplete thought. (must have gotten interrupted by the monkeys again).


Angel said...

Oh, I have been there and I know it's not funny... but my dh and I were just laughing at your pictures. In sympathy, of course, because I'm pretty sure that our kids have done all the same things!

Tina said...

Thank you for being honest! I read blogs where everything is seemingly perfect and wonder how these women with 7 or 10 kids have time to make wonderful lessons, take pictures of it and then blog about it. I can totally sympathize. Happy St. Nicholas!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Melanie. Your twins make me smile. God has graced you with an abundance of patience. Our youngest seems to be following the path of destruction that your twins are on. How you do it with 2 of them...baffles me!!!