Thursday, November 17, 2005

Feeling Old... And please pray for my uncle

I'm feeling old. One of my best friends just turned 30 yesterday. I guess that means I'm next LOL... Actually, no, my husband is next :-)

Urgh, I'm still sick, but my husband had to go back to work this morning, so I ventured downstairs to see what sort of condition the house is in, after being stuck in bed for a day and a half. (don't ask! But at least the kids are happy... poor dh had to work from home while taking care of three kids all day. I guess I have the flu. Apparently there was a school in the city that had 150 kids stay home yesterday morning... they all had the flu. They think they have it bad? Our school had all the teachers stay home sick LOL. I sure hope the kids don't take over the school and terrorize everything. Say a prayer for us!
Speaking of prayer, please send up a real prayer for my dear uncle. My mom called last night to tell me that my wonderfully kind, hilarious and charming uncle has been diagnosed with cancer. How scary!! He is a great doctor- a surgeon actually- and to me, he has always seemed bigger than life. The kind of guy who never grows old. As a child I adored him.. he was so much fun, and now it's fun to see my own kids enjoy him (see the silly picture above). We love you Uncle Rob!! and we are praying for you. What could be more powerful than the prayers of little children?


Sharon said...

Prayers for your uncle!

And that was funny about all your school being sick! lol.

Melissa said...

Our prayers are with you too, my dear sweat uncle!!!!

We love you!

Melissa and Jack

aunt Val said...

thank you Mel for your prayers and for the prayers of your children
we had a horrible day yesterday when Rob got his first treatment but he is so much better today it is hard to belive!
they gave him a monoclonal antibody infusion. it took all day from about 8 am to 7pm. what it is, is cloned cells (from Mice--don't tell Zach) that are designed to attach themselves to B cells (a type of white blood cell that lymphoma likes). when they glom onto the cells, the body produces antibodies to destroy the invaders and shrinks the tumours that way. isn't that amazing! Rob had a horrible reaction to the drug. the first time most people have a reaction but it usually only lasts 10 min. Rob's lasted 45min. he was covered in water from sweating, fever, shaking, chilled, and he told me later he felt like he couldn't get any breath which is a terrifying feeling. also it caused pain and he was really hurting already. however, eventually, it all settle down. they had to stop the infusion to wait for his body to adapt (bodies are amazing) and then restart it a very, very slow drip rate, hence the looooonnnnnnggg day. it has been so horrible to see him in such terrible pain as he has a very agressive type of lymphoma (he went from being fine to being terribly sick in just 2 weeks). He has been hurting so much and the only way he could be even a little comfortable was to lean on the dining room table, bent over from the waist, with his head on pillows on the table. he fell asleep that way a bunch of times. You can imagine how happy I am to tell you that this morning he is mostly pain free and feeling and looking soooooooooooooo much better! He actually took Sara for a walk like he usually does on Saturday mornings. I love him so much. I can't even begin to tell you. He is such a unique person. who in the world is like Rob? Pray all the time, please. Love, Aunt Val

melanie said...

we're still praying... keep us up to date and let us know how your are all doing down there... i wish you didn't live so far away.