Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This blog will make me holy yet...

I was laying in bed last night, very tired, wondering why I didn't have anything to write in my blog. I wondered why I didn't have any delightful family moments to post... no wisdom... no heartfelt thoughts... and especially no silly or quaint family moments. I didn't even have any silly photos to post.

I realized that by being sick for so long, I have lost some of the joy of being a mother of 3 kids under 6. My mother always taught me to laugh at myslef and not to take things so seriously all the time.... and normally I am very good at that. This week, I guess I've been grumping instead of laughing.... (my husband thinks I'm funny when i'm grumpy, but I fail to see the humor in it LOL)

So this blog, along with my dear family is going to make me holy yet... because it is a daily reminder to myself to find the silly, joyful, endearing things about each day and to write them down. (It's also a reminder that I need to get off my chair and start doing some schoolwork again LOL since I AM supposed to be writing about that too ).


vz said...

we sure hope you start feeling like your goofy silly old self very soon. we love you oodles and oodles,love and more love,
Aunt Val, Uncle Rob, Jen, Doug, and Sara

Dana said...

It's nice to know other mommies like you are on a journey too...each day with ups and downs. If you could just move closer we could help each other out and maybe get some solitude for rejuvenation! ;-)

melanie said...

oh we love you too sooooo much. Still praying for Rob. Blow kisses to all your family from us (and especially to sara)


melanie said...


I would love to live by you. What fun that would be!! Although might I remind you... YOU moved away from us LOL