Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Natural Family Planning

I know we don't already have enough things we are involved in LOL, but we are now officially certified as Natural Family Planning instructors!!

I am so excited about this, because I just love this method of family planning.. Ready for me to stand on my soap box LOL?

All of the religion part of it aside, I love NFP because it is:

  • free (except for the course to learn it)
  • natural (don't even get me started about all the side effects of the pill and other chemical birth controls)
  • as effective as the pill
  • totally reversible
  • no side effects
  • helps a woman be more aware of her own cycles and helps her know if something might be wrong with her.
  • can be used to avoid a pregnancy or to achieve a pregnancy
  • brings the husband and wife closer together
  • not messy!!

Anyways, we are going to be offering classes to teach this beautiful method, so if you are interested in taking one, email me!! (and no, you don't have to be catholic to learn it... It's becoming quite trendy these days because of the trend towards more natural things)

Some interesting links about NFP

1 comment:

Sharon said...

We can always use some more teachers of NFP!
Good for you.
My husband and I love NFP. :)
(we first learned Sympto-thermal, but ever since my son was born we switched to Creighton)