Thursday, November 24, 2005

the new math

My cutie pie was working so diligently on her math this morning while I was busy in the kitchen... When I came to check how she was doing, this is what I saw.

The rectangle on the far left is her brother, and she is the pretty girl above the 8. I'm not sure who I am LOL.... and of course she had to take the time to draw the sun.

I know in a classroom, this wouldn't look as cute to a teacher than it does to me.... good thing we are homeschooling. I just love her creative spirit.
It reminded me off all of my doodles as I went through school somewhat bored of the work we were doing because I always seemed to understand it faster than most of the class.

By the way, she is doing so good at getting the concept of addition. I just love watching her learn things. Today we also did some playing with playdough. She wanted to make an elephant, and then she made a nest, a daddy bird, and a mommy bird with some eggs. Zachariah made a pancake and then a blob, and then he licked it (yuck!)... then Heather crawled under the table and ate it LOL. What a zany shchool we have going here!

At nap time (yes, they all still nap!! my greatest joy as a mother )... we read more of Mr. Popper's Penguins and Elizabeth laughed and laughed at their silly antics. Earlier in the day she wanted to look at the globe, and examine all the countries...then she informed me that the north pole is at the top and the south pole is at the bottom.

Well, I'm off for a nap too, while all of my kids are sleeping.

This is my favorite time of the day. Posted by Picasa


melanie said...

BTW, The picture of Zach (the rectangle on the left) apparently is wearning a bowtie... isn't that cute?

jen said...

hee hee! ha ha haaa ha haa! "Then he licked it... then heather crawled under the table and ate it"!!!!!

man, you guys have so much fun. mmm, salty play-do!!!