Tuesday, November 29, 2005

paper snowflakes....virtually

This looks like fun! I could spend a whole lot of time playing here and making beautiful creations....without the mess of the little pieces of paper all over my floor :-)

Still, there's no real substitute for making your own real ones that you can tape to the window. I think we'll give it a try later on today.


jen said...

mel, I just saw your comment on my daily sketch blog, about a drawing you thought looked like grandpa pete... that IS grandpa pete!

I love you,


melanie said...

I KNEW it was him!! You are a great artist Jen... I love that picture :-)

Sean thought I was crazy because he couldn't even tell the drawing was of a person LOL.

Here's the link for anyone who is curious to see it.

Anonymous said...


THis is ADDICTING... This morning all the kids sat here and made snowflakes and then after school they wanted to do it again. I am sure I have spent a couple hours as well doing it. Tyler laughed he said.." Two Questions....1-Where did you find out about this? 2- How old are we feeling?" I LOVE it. Thanks for the link.