Tuesday, February 21, 2006

art show

untitled: a picture for the art show
At E's art class this morning her teacher pulled me aside and asked if I would give permission for E's red/pink painting from last week to be included in their annual art show at the centre. I guess the instructors pick works from their students that they consider 'exceptional' and then have a mini art show that is jurorerd in the spring. Then from that show they choose works that are to be exhibited in an art show downtown. Here is the link to the show they had last year. E is pretty excited, although she couldn't come up with a name for her painting. Her teacher is so good though... she just said that sometimes artists can't name their work because there is no name that does it justice.

My little artist :-)

Here are some of her recent works. You can all say 'you knew her when'... Spotted puppyprincess horsevalentine castle


Auntie Melissa said...

Please tell Elizabeth that I love her drawings!!!!

jen said...

wow, congratulations, you guys!!1 I love the drawing with the horse with the crazy huge eye and toothy smile.

aunt val said...

and I love the blue swirly one!
I am so pleased for Elizabeth,
all I could say was ummmmmmmmmmmm when I read that she was chosen to exhibit her painting.
Elizabeth you should be very proud of yourself!