Friday, February 03, 2006

More Adventures with the pond people

Yesterday we read about the Father Stickleback, and learned that it's the daddy fish that take care of the eggs, build the nest and make sure the baby fish are ok (although don't tell E, but later in the day I read that he also has been known to eat his own babies too!)... We also learned that fish have three things that make them fish: gills, scales and fins.

Today we read about the dance of sand-hill cranes, and E narrated it back to me, and then drew a fabulous picture of two cranes standing by a pond with their baby crane. I just love watching her draw, because she is so unafraid to mess up! She just jumps right in and draws it how she thinks it should be. I wish I had that sense of confidence in myself like she does.

The kids spent the rest of the morning building a long train track down the hall upstairs while mommy cleaned and dusted and the baby napped. It's funny how some days are so good and fun, and others are so hectic and crazy (like yesterday where I found myself yelling and pulling my hair out before 9am). Guess we can't have it perfect yet... we're not in heaven afterall.

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jen said...

I love the little tiny "e" in "the stickeback father"