Wednesday, February 01, 2006


E's new art class she's taking is really great, and her teacher is fabulous. She loves going and comes home with some really fun projects.

This week they learned about mixing colors from the three Primary Colours (red, yellow, blue) and then they also got to color with chalk pastels on black paper to do a night time scene. Here's her picture she drew... That's her sleeping in her bed on the bottom left. The yellow swirls are stars. She told me her teacher said that was a neat way to draw stars. This reminded me of VanGogh's painting Starry Night, so being a smart homeschooling mom I printed it off for her to look at.

"mom... I already KNOW that painting. My art teacher showed it to me already".

Well fine then! At least *I* think I'm smart!

Anyways, today we did some painting at home and had fun mixing colors again. She knows that yellow+red = orange
blue+red= purple, and
blue + yellow=green.

This is her picture of mommy and daddy getting married, and my picture of a duck in a pond (aren't I talented?)


jen said...

geez... I don't remember the crowns at your wedding...

melanie said...

You don't? Bur SURELY you remember my lovely red and orange princess dress...