Thursday, February 16, 2006


For valentines day, E had her art class in the morning where they learned about mixing tints and shades of colors. Her teacher is so good and E loves going to this class. They were given blobs of paint (red, white, black) in a plastic egg carton and mixed them together as they wanted to make different shades of red. This is the picture she painted... I just love the way she swirled the different colors around and around the paper. What fun! I want to take an art class.

Later on in the afternoon, E's friend came over and we had a mini-valentine's party: we had tea-time with heart shaped cookies, talked about good manners, listened to cultured music (Mozart again), read some Norwegian fables about a sneaky fox, did a fun craft where they painted their own jewelry box, and had a lot of fun.

I was telling my mom that I think I have turned the corner of domestic goddess LOL: instead of making homemade cookies to decorate, I bought some, brushed off the decorations that the bakery put on them, and let the kids decorate them themselves. Sigh... Where or where did that bread-baking, pie-making, cheery and bright-eyed housewife go?? Maybe she'll come back when I start getting more sleep.

uh-oh! gotta go, I smell my lunch burning in the toaster oven LOL!

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