Monday, February 27, 2006

Lots of stuff

We've been busy here at OLT academy ! Today we learned about the Careless Caddisworm, and talked about their life cycles. Then we did a reading lesson where E practiced reading words that start with bl, cl, fl, and gl. She's coming along very nicely in her readings. We have also been working on writing neatly, counting to 100, counting by twos, adding, and promptness when doing what mommy or daddy asks.

Later on in the day she was very excited to see a letter arrived in the mail for her from her very special great-aunt-val! E got right to work on something to mail back to her. She especially loved the very cool postage stamps that had a picture of aunt val and Sara the dog. What a treat!

The kids also spent a long time playing Noah's Ark- although in this version, Thomas the tank engine was also on the boat. I guess God didn't want the trains to drown either. He must like them as much as Z does :-)

Little H spent the morning pushing things around the house: paper towel bundles, chairs, baskets, etc.. .anything she could stand up and push on basically. She also practiced her little sister skills by bugging her big brother.

She should enjoy it while she can, because God-willing, we will be adding another little baby to our school next fall.... little H won't be the littlest for much longer!!!


bjupMoM said...

did that mean what I thought it meant? LOL. Are you expecting? If so, Congratulations!! That would be wonderful news:-) Sounds like homeschool is going really well! E is learning so much, so fast! I got the chance to review your phonics program OPGTTR & it looks wonderful! I'm still having trouble deciding between that & PP. And I just learned about another phonics teaching method - vertical phonics - which has me so confused! LOL. Honestly tho- kids are so smart & adaptable, they seem to survive (& even thrive!) no matter what sort of program we do.

melanie said...

hee hee :-) yes, we are expecting a new blessing sometime in early november. I will have 4 kids by the time I've been married 7 years. God has certainly blessed me!! (and I'm only turning 30 this year)

bjupMoM said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such wonderful news!! I'm sure you will enjoy seeing your children participate in the miracle of life - it is such an awesome blessing for everyone:)

FancyLady said...

Gee I thought everyone knew that Thomas the Train was on Noah's Ark.

We are so pleased about the newest grandbaby-to-be.

jen said...

wow, mel, you've really got baby stamina! congratulations!!!! Oh, i'm visiting grandma March 20th to 25th! We should get together! Congratulations again.