Friday, February 10, 2006

Learning about Dentists

Part of many Kindergarten classes include learning about Dentists, and what better way to learn about them then to make a trip to the dentist office?.... and what a trip it was! It began in the waiting room where they were treated to a movie about dinosaurs. (E informed me she had seen previews of this movie before SO MANY times)

Then they met the dental hygenist and got to take turns sitting up in the big dentist chair. When it was their turn, they got to put on some very snazzy glasses to protect their eyes, and went for a ride in the chair as it leaned waaaaaaaay back for the dentist to look at their teeth. They were both so good during the whole appointment. They had their teeth polished and rinsed out, flossed, and and counted. No complaining from either of them the entire time.

Afterwards, they got to pick out a new toothbrush, a sticker, a helium balloon, and then a treat out of the treatbox. What an exciting morning!

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AuntVal said...

what a great idea!! make the dentist fun so the kids like the idea of going there