Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pond Visit

We're still reading Among the Pond People, and really enjoying learning about all of the interesting creatures that are found around a pond. Last Saturday was a beautiful day here (not like today, where it's minus 37 degrees Celsius with windchill... that's Alberta for you). We took advantage of the spring-like weather while we could and went for a nice long walk in the ravines that run through our community.

We were very excited to visit the pond that is just down the hill from our house. Of course, it is frozen solid right now, as it is winter time, but we had fun anyway thinking about the tadpoles and the minnows and the muskrats and the geese. We got to walk on the ice out to the little island in the middle, and the kids thought that was really fun! Especially since the grass growing there was taller than they were. It reminded me of the time that my grandpa Pete took us kids to visit his Oat fields and we got to run around in the tall grass.

The rest of our walk consisted of searching for the perfect walking sticks for the kids, climbing on big rocks, 'drawing' with stones, 'eating' snow (yuck!), and then closer to the end of the walk, whining about being tired. We had a great time and wondered why we don't go out for walks more often. I can't wait for spring time to come!!

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aunt val said...

I love that picture of Zach! stick that little tongue out!
is this the whiny part?