Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hide and seek... a mother's best friend

I just stumbled upon the most wonderful game for the kids to play. Hide-and-seek!!

You might think this often erupts into noisy chaos with kids running around like mad, but I have found the secret to this game quite by accident....

You see, after playing this game with their babysitter, and my new mother's helper (God bless her heart), they thought they might like to try playing it by themselves when she left. E came running downstairs to hide in the perfect spot while Z and H were upstairs counting (so she said). After about five minutes of quiet all through the house I began to wonder if Z didn't think that HE was supposed to be the one hiding... I was about to go tell him his error when I came to my senses.

WHY on earth would I disturb three perfectly quiet children?... Especially right before dinner time when they are normally fighting and underfoot while I'm trying to make dinner. So I took the moment to take a deep breath, stir my sauce on the stove and relax. :-) Who knew I would find joy in such small things?

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