Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The new normal?

I have been advised by many wise people that instead of waiting for things to get back to 'normal' around here, I should redefine normal.. or perhaps get rid of the concept all together.

We are slowly adjusting to life with five little children 6 and under, and I am almost used to the sleep deprivation now. The other 3 kids are adjusting very well, and even enjoy having little babies in the house. (I think it's probably because the babies can be counted on to tie mommy to the couch for at least a half hour every 2-3 hours, so the others can get into all sorts of fun activities that would otherwise be forbidden).

So what have we been doing each day besides nursing babies and changing diapers?? Not much really... lots of playing, a bit of 'school', a few movie days on the couch, and a lot of reading stories. One of the joys we have discovered is listening to books on tape. Right now the kids are in the living room listening to Heidi (10 hours long.. that should keep them busy for awhile!!), and they have spent all of last week listening to old time radio shows for children.

We are also enjoying reading aloud Farmer Boy by Laura Ingills Wilder at dinner time after mommy and daddy are done eating, and the children are inevitably just starting their second bite. This has two benefits that I can see: The children are given time to finish their food without mommy or daddy having to cajole them, and we are all enriched with good literature. It's becoming a nice family tradition.

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Aunt Val said...

what a great idea to read to them after you've finished eating!