Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SHopping time!

John Paul sleeping on his auntie... This weekend we had a BIG treat! My parents willingly offered to babysit all five kids at the same time so sean and I could go out by ourselves. We couldn't find any interesting movie to go watch, so we had fun strolling through the toy stores without the kids, buying christmas presents and stocking stuckers. It's acutally quite fun to go into toy stores when you have no kids with you. you can imagine how your well behaved children will play politely and quietly with all of the new toys, and how they will develop creativity and learn to share.... It's also just plain fun to fall back to the child you used to be and imagine all the fun you would have had with these toys.

We ended up at the bookstore later that afternoon, and discovered the secret to the toy clutter problem that plagues our house: books!!! With five kids, calculating in birthdays and christmas, we have approximately 50 presents a year entering into our house (yikes!!) from relatives alone, and so we decided that the presents we have control over need to be fill some requirements:
1) small (so they don't take up lots of space)
2) timeless (so the youngest child can still use a present that the oldest child outgrew years ago)
3) durable (so they last longer than a few weeks)
4) educational (we are homeschooling here and need all the help we can get !!)

Books cover all four requirements and more, so we had a blast looking through all the titles in the store and thinking of other ones we'd like to get. Books even solved the question of "What do you get for your twin babies for christmas when they have everything and more?". Posted by Picasa

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Angel said...

We have actually been asking for clothes for the boys! Although they have two older brothers, only one was born in the same season, and he got bigger a lot quicker. So we have actually had to buy clothes.

Although possibly we should be asking for safety equipment (she says as she drags one of her twins away from the computer cords yet again).